Vagina Piercing: All The Types Of Vagina Piercing.

Vagina Piercing is a procedure that existed in some form for thousands of years. The first known evidence of vagina piercing was in ancient Egyptian records. Their practices included stretching the labia and inserting objects into the vagina; they also created the therapeutic practice of circumcision by scraping away at adhesions to have better access to the clitoris. There are several types of vagina piercing, but you get to choose one that is suitable for you.

Vagina piercing is just one form of body modification, and so could be considered a form of art or expression. Increased sexual pleasure is also one potential advantage to vagina piercings. It is becoming more and more popular now with many people considering it a fashion statement. The purpose of vagina piercing is cultural, decorative, symbolic, or an aesthetic function.

The reasons that some people choose to receive vagina piercings are likely related to fashion, expression, artistry, body modification, or fetishism. Some people might also feel that they have one less part of their body which can make them feel more liberated from society’s rules about what is appropriate for women.

What Is Vagina Piercing?

Vagina piercing is an alteration of the female genitals, typically made through the use of jewelry or a generally non-surgical method.” It is usually used to decorate or decorating the pubic area rather than for any function. Genital piercing is suitable for both males and females. There are several types of vagina piercing, but you get to choose one that is suitable for you.

Types Of Vagina Piercing.

Pictorial Illustration of the several types of Female Genital Piercings.

1. VCH(vagina clitoral hood) Piercing.

This type of piercing involves a piece of jewelry being passed through the clitoris hood vertically. It is done with a barbell ring so that the bead rests on the clitoris. There, it serves as a stimulator and enhances erotic pleasure. It is the most popular type of piercing.

2. HCH(horizontal clitoral hood) Piercing.

HCH piercing is a piercing where a piece of jewelry is passed horizontally through the skin above the clitoris. It is done with a captive bead ring such that the bead rests on the clitoris. It is more of an adornment than a stimulator due to its placement.

3. Princess Diana Piercing

Princess Diana piercing involves two pieces of jewelry through the left and right of the clitoris hood. It is quite similar to VCH piercing. It was invented by Elayne angel for a client who was not suited for a triangle piercing.

4. Princess Albertina Piercing.

This is a kind of piercing where a piece of jewelry is passed in through the urethra and goes out through the top of the vagina. It enhances urethra stimulation without the use of a toy, the ring serves as a toy.

5. Christina/ Venus Piercing.

In this type of piercing, the jewelry is passed through the front of the vulva(cleft of venus) to emerge at the mon pubis. The Christina piercing is sometimes referred to as queen Christina piercing or venus piercing. Christina piercing can be traced to the women of the Borneo tribe.

6. Triangle Piercing.

Triangle piercing involves inserting the jewelry into the tissue behind the clitoris shaft. It is believed to be the most stimulating piercing of all genital piercing. It was first performed in 1991 at the Gauntlet in san Francisco.

7. Inner Labia Piercing.

This piercing is to facilitate the insertion of jewelry in the inner labia. Captive bead ring and circular barbell are most suitable for inner labia piercing.

8. Outer Labia Piercing.

This piercing creates space for a piece of jewelry in the outer labia, it is quite similar to inner labia piercing. It is usually done in pairs and is popular for chastity play.

9. Fourchette Piercing

For fourchette piercing, a piece of jewelry is passed through the fold of the membrane connecting the labia minora and the posterior part of the vulva.

Dos and Don’ts after A Vagina Piercing.

After learning about the various types of vagina piercing, you need to also learn what to do after you’ve had your piercing.

  • Avoid garments that has friction materials during the healing period.
  • Avoid pools, bathtubs, and jacuzzi during the healing period.
  • Use protections during sex.
  • Clean your pubic area everytime after using the lull.
  • Do not apply soaps on the piercing area.
  • Apply saline solutions and Biotech at least three times daily.
  • Do not use saliva during sex rather make use of water-based lube.
  • Ensure you hands are clean before touching your genital.

Benefits of Piercing Your Genitalia.

  • Genital Jewelry can serves as a stimulator if placed right.
  • Pieces of jewelry can enhance sexual pleasure for you and also arouse your partner.
  • It can help improves your body confidence, it makes you look sexy.

Risk of Genital piercings.

  • Pain: is inevitable after a piercing but the amount of pain depends solely on individual pain tolerance
  • Infection: Your piercings can be infected if you practice a poor hygiene. Practice good hygiene especially during your healing period.
  • Nerve damage: There is a risk of permanent nerve damage after a piercing especially if it is not properly done.
  • Scarring: There can be scars after piercing, but they fade away totally or become barely noticable.
  • Keloid formation: Keloid is formed by an overgrowth of scar tissue, it is genetic, most times it is bigger than the original wound, you have to consider it before a piercing. This is because it doesn’t go on it’s own, it can reduce in size, but it is permanently removed by surgery.
  • Jewelries allergies: After a piercing there are possiblities of allergic reactions, they can be inform of rashes, bumps, itching, redness and changes in skin color. If you have metal allergies use jewelries with less amount of nickel and copper.

How much pain can a genital piercing cause?

A Princess Albertina and Clitoral piercings are said to be the most painful. Pain is dependent on individual pain tolerance. When going for a piercing appointment, it is not advisable to give much thought to pain.

How much time does it take a genital piercing to heal?

  • Princess Diana, princess Albertina, VCH, HCH, inner labia, and fourchette take about six weeks to heal.
  • Triangle and Outer labia take Three to six months to heal.
  • Christina piercing takes about six to nine-month to heal.

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