I started writing this blog in the sphere of women’s reproductive health to share my story. I want to provide accurate information about puberty, pregnancy, menopause, and childbirth.

I attained puberty later than my peers. At that time, I felt insecure and lonely. I didn’t understand why I was flat-chested when all my friends had grown breasts, I was sad that every girl around me has started seeing their menstrual period and I was just there.

At some point I began asking why I have a vagina, I thought I was a boy. Insecurity made me to buy double padded bras and stuff tissue inside it, to make it appear like I had breasts. I had no one to talk to, I also felt embarrassed discussing it even if I decided to try, so I sunk in loneliness, insecurity, and misery.

I don’t want anyone to feel as insecure, lonely, and isolated as I did, this is the vision of the Most women blog. I attended a boarding school and I had the opportunity to meet young girls from different backgrounds, girls with different sexual orientations, girls who are holding unto fallacies and myths concerning their reproductive health, and those like my younger self that lacked any information about women’s body.

I have met women who felt ashamed and embarrassed about their conditions. I’ve listened to women who cried about their painful periods, no periods, irregular menstrual cycles.

This blog is meant to educate women about what is happening with their bodies. I want to give girls and women an insight into how pregnancy impacts the body as well as sexual health and reproductive health.

It’s been almost a year since I started the blog and it has been challenging, rewarding, and most of all educating. I am learning new things every day. I want to help women of all age groups, women from different backgrounds, and women with different sexual orientations, to understand their bodies, share with them what can harm their reproductive health so they can avoid it.

I want the MostWomen blog to be a community where women diagnosed with any type of disease related to women, can share their experience and be equipped with the information they could use to survive.

Women’s reproductive health is something that happens in every woman’s life, many times over. We should talk openly talk about our experiences.

I would like to invite you all to share your stories with me so we can share the knowledge. The information that you have gained from your own experiences, and your decision-making process. I will then write about this issue as a guide for other women who are looking for information about this topic, or similar issues in their own lives.

You can write your story in the comments or send it to me via email.

Thank you!